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CARTOGRAFÍAS / Agosto-septiembre 2015 / No. 57

  De Hi-Density Politics*
the commonest many fester

[This is a playem: or team play/poem. One team is responsible for each column. The player on the far left begins by reading the first line for Team A, another player then does the same for Team B. Play proceeds from left to right, each player reading one line. Underlined lines are read in unison by the entire team. At the end of the poem, the whole process is repeated in reverse, starting with the player on the far right and ending back on the first line. A capitalist version can also be played, wherein individual performers receive a score, as in a poetry slam. Anarchists and situationalists are free to reshuffle or improvise.]

Team A
We be Engels You be mocks 
What’s wrong widdat?
We be angles
You be merch
We be angler
You be mangling your remarks
We be Mindy and we be Mork
You be sprinkled with remorse
We be languor you be snark
You be bunglers, manglers
You be Bangles to our Bach
What’s wrong widdis?
You be Ben Gay to our shorts
Now dissis wrong!
We be shingles on your smirks
You be morgue-light to our sparks
Dat’s low!
We be bongos make you march
You beleaguered IV Leaguers
You top-down-pun-krock-bottom-
You be Horkheimer to our Adorno
You be door-climber for our hot porno
You be flawed primer of our Inferno
...some five-and-dimer
who crashed your gurney?
We represent ourselves!!!!
What’s wrong widdat?
Farce is the new representation!
Representation is the new farce!
Yeah! Visibility! What a force!
But we’re invisible! What’s left?
How Godot! And in the meantime?
And poiesis?
And polis?

Do I have to ask?
An overflowin’ aesthetic?
But this flyover country ain’t so fly!
Open like Olson or like Oppen?
Or like Algarín?
A 24-7 poetics? When to sleep?
So can the ritmo undo the Gitmo?
Body as...site! Private or shared?
Mo’ what?
So where do we start?
What if we fester?
What’s wrong widdat?
What’s wrong widdat?
What’s wrong widdat?

Team B
We be Marx
You be men-girls
            What’s wrong widdat?
We bespangle
You besmirch
We be shark
            You be Merkeling your remains
            We be Pringles in Mork's mouth
            You be Spenglering in dis murk
We be lingering on a lark
We be tinglers, tanglers
What’s wrong widdat?
            You be bingo to our sports
Now dat’s wrong!
You be bramble to our bark
            We be shambles to your parks
You be Wal-marts without red-lights
The lowest! Guaranteed!
            You be pagers for dem narcs
           You belabored labor leaders
You uptown-frontin-crunk-lite
You be part-timer to our long tenure
            You be dark rhymer to our John

Yo, wisenheimer, who's your attorney

              What's wrong widdis?
           Representation? What a farce!
           The new? What a farce!
           You see!
Heh! Visibility’s the new representation!
           Invisible under god!
Inadvisable underdog!
As polis!
 Poiesis half-assed!!

The answer, my friend, is overblowin’!
Yes, but the fly is open!

As in all-nighter!
           Perchance to drum!
Algo...an algoritmo...
           Go out and git mo’!
Mo’ voice! Mo’ body!
Slo-mo’s OK!
           With the commonest many!
Repeat it faster
           What’s wrong widdis?
De Boringkén                                                    De Los días porosos

*Hi-Density Politics, BlazeVOX, 2010.