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CARTOGRAFÍAS / Agosto-septiembre 2015 / No. 57

  De Kool Logic*

LINO: Employee of the Month
The Pragmatist
La lógica kool

De pie
de moda
meciéndome en el
aluminio gastado de las
viejas capitales
te saludo del subsuelo
sin manos ni cuerpo
ni carnet—
es un amanecer turbio
para hacer turismo interior
con planchas de zinc
y pezones puncturados
te saludo al comenzar
y veamos cómo caen
las locas calcomanías
de “cómo”
y “por qué”
y “quiéreme otra vez”

Heavy Metal 1
In stride
In style
Rocking to the
Tin dru m s
In old capital cities
I greet you from the underg ro u n d
Without hands without body
Without passport—
In this cloudy morning
We are the inner tourists
Who hide under zinc sheets
And punctured nipples,
Who meet up at the zero hour
To watch the Sun erase
The last trace of our
Comic strips cries
Without a “How”
Without a “Why”
Without a “Love me once again”0

LINO: Employee of the Month

The place? my favorite fast-food chain
The time? well, night, of course
(shadows and stuff)
I’m greeted by Lino,
the register ro o k i e ,
c rooning “Good evening” like fresh-faced Sinatra:
“Ol’ Brown Eyes plays the Burger Grill A p o l l o ! ”
yeah right.
S o m e w h e re the black leather crowd congre g a t e s
“Line up for the line dance!
S t robe sensation! Digital dro n e ! ”
S o m e w h e re lovers huddle cro u c h
c u d d l e
anesthetized by steady doses
of extra-strength moonshine
And I can only wonder,
could it be that sad-eyed Lino
is reading my mind as I think
“What am I doing here ,
o rdering onion grease and stale root beer—
expecting airy Muzak
listening instead to Bert (where’s Ernie?)
do the call-and-response with the Muppet gospel choir?”
I think Lino knows better
as he slams the door behind me
mopping mayo stains
& I wish I’d hear forbidden sounds,
tap into secret signs
tumble down trap doors
anything reminiscent of anew
in this night of watered-down ru m b a
with Big Bird on the bongos.

The Pragmatist

Day after day
9 to 5 (or 6 or midnight),
a cartoon hunchback
in a cut-out cubicle
humming mindless Muzak,
typing mindless memos
to remind his mindless boss
of his mindless meetings
in mindless bistro s
full of mindless waiters
and the mindlessness of
so much minestro n e
slurped alone or in
the company of corporate dro n e s
who throw him a bone
and make him work overtime for fre e
’cause he’s temp-to-perm
but I hear the firm has
its eye on him.

He puts on his fake moustache
and goes to work.
He won’t get promoted
He won’t leave this cubicle
He’ll never slide into the comfortable tedium of success
He’ll never buy his mom that house
He’ll never vacation in the placid reflux of the Hamptons,
or get lost in the mindrot Rivieras
with a bunch of executive asshole buddies
in a state of joyous, drugged-out mindlessness
scoring with the babe of his dre a m s .

He will, however, get full benefits. Including top-notch health
from a leading HMO. It even includes dental!

La lógica kool

The Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism
Fredric Jameson

Cantémosle al día mítico
de identidad-holograma,
quince minutos de fama
(veinte si eres político);
ya salió el sol sifilítico
en el pabellón sombrío
de la era del vacío,
lanza su luz desigual:
la lógica cultural
del capitalismo tard í o .


Filas de comunes fosas
en las ciudades antiguas,
sexualidades ambiguas,
fast food, fronteras porosas ,
guerras de químicas rosas ,
etnias que escurren rocío
y la utopía es un río
que vomita capital:
la lógica cultural
del capitalismo tardío .


El amor desregulado
por nuevos medios de ocio,
senos plásticos, negocio
de prótesis, Prozac, merc a d o ,
e ros suburbanizado,
pornografías de estío
como geishas de Darío
en flujo libidinal:
la lógica cultural
del capitalismo tard í o .


Cada cual lo que le plazca,
música-mundo, new age,
Ricky Martin y John Cage
de gira por Tierra Va s c a —
que el feto del odio nazca
de la hojarasca de hastío,
nueva trova, power trio,
queer punk, flamenco tribal:
la lógica cultural
del capitalismo tard í o .


C i b e r n é t i c o e s t r a m b ó t i c o ,
m a c ro b i ó t i c o i n f o r m á t i c a s ,
supermodelos hieráticas,
geografías de lo erótico,
lo ecológico y lo gótico,
satélite, elite, mall frío,
s i m u l a c ro o albedrío
en el chinchorro global:
la lógica cultural
del capitalismo tard í o .


N A F TA, Merc o s u r, o sea
B a u d r i l l a rd y Lipovetsky,
el sports utility, el jet ski,
comunidad euro p e a ,
Hollywood Hills y La Bre a ,
D . F., Miami Beach, Río,
la favela, el caserío
y esta fiebre sin final:
la lógica cultural
del capitalismo tard í o .


De Las flores del mall                                                    De Boringkén

* Kool Logic, Bilingual Press, 2014.